Being engaged is every girls dream..

Alhamdulillah, setelah perjalanan 9 tahun kami. Akhirnya 15 Juni 2014 dia melamar..

Blog ini aku  buat untuk mempermudah buat kalian yang ingin lamaran.
deg..deg..ann.. pasti.

Berhubung aku tinggal di Tangerang. 
This is review my dream day 

1-2 minggu sebelumnya beli cincin nikah di Toko vivi di Pasar Malabar.(psstt itu toko langganan mamah dari jaman muda). model model lumayan, tapi harus sabar dan jangan sampai kalap yaa.
alasan kenapa 1- 2 minggu, karena we are soo busy. baru bisa bergerak weekend, dan itupun kalo doi ga lagi dinas..

Make up : Mba siti 2A3473D9
   (bisa request mau model apa, make up simple, plus bulu mata palsu yang cocok dengan mata sipitku, hehe) love it.. murah lagi.

Baju : Toko Kebaya di Tang City Mall

MAkanan :
Masak sendiri, dengan menu simple sekali (ayam goreng, capcay, tahu isi, bebek pedas (subsisi dari temen baikku Nanaa)

penataan meja, thanks to my sisterrr, shes the bestt

tier untuk taruh snack,lucu yaa
Cemilan : Es cendol (langganan dari kecil), Somay (langganan sekolah), Bakwan Malang (rekomen dari tante)

Kue kue : Pie susu (dari pacar adek), kue kue kecil tampah MONAMI

ini tier snack
Hantaranbalik : kue dan buah buah

fotografer : Sepupuku yang cantik, mayaa..

Pada dasarnya aku dan calon ingin yang sederhana tapi cantik..

karena, perjalanan kita masihlah panjang.. untuk kalian yang berniat baik. majulah terus. karena sesungguhnya Janji Allah untuk hal yang satu ini amatlah dipermudah.. 

review menuju our BIG DAY, menyusul yaa...

cherish every moment..

my bestiestt, thankss yaa for coming
with my cousin, candraa

my familyy

Aku dilamaarrr :p
love you.


Enjoy our time @CoffeeLo

Boring at home? Let’s go to the mall *song from How I met your mother. Xoxoxo

I and  my sister yesterday on Friday Sept,2 went to the mall (well,actually this is a new mall in the middle of Tangerang hahaha*promotion) . This mall is new but inside of it there already a lot of shop and quite branded such as Giordano, crocs, breadtalk, carnival, etc.

While we’re looking around at Ground floor, we found a little coffee shop called “CooffeeLo” it provides coffee, chocolate and tea.


my sister *the narcist one

behind my sis,there is the menu :p
It provided any kind of coffee (hot,ice, or blended), chocolate (hot, ice, blended), and tea (hot and ice). Because my sister is a Coffee Lover, she really wants to try it. Then, she ordered “Hot coffee latte” and I ordered “Ice Chococino” and also Cheese French fries *love it. There are two options for the coffee whether regular or strong (if you’re coffee addict you can order this one) it means that the barista will make double shoot (a small glass) of coffee and it’ll be viscous.

Hot Coffee Latte
ditha with her coffee :)
Ice Chococino <3
hot, cold, and fries :p
let's tryyyyy :p
enjoy my coffee :)

For a new coffee shop is quite good for the taste and “how-to-make-it” I do like it when the barista made the coffee.hehe.. and for the price around 12.0 until 20.0.
Recommended for coffee lover.. 

enjoy it :)

Preparation before Eid Day 1432H

Allahuakbar.. Allahuakbar.. Allahuakbar… Allahuakbar walillahilham..
Alhamdulillah Lebaran has come..
Let’s start a new day with a new heart..
1 day before Eid’s there’s a lot of preparation in my house.
I and my sister made a cookies called ‘meringue’ it’s a kind of cookies and very simple. It only used white egg then mix with sugar and vanilla. Then, mix until the ingredients color becomes white and the dough didn't spill.

the dough..wew

Then we separated with three bowl and different color pink, yellow, and green. Look at it!
the pink meringue

yellow and green

After all, we put into the oven and wait until 15 minutes…  jrengg jrengg… it’s failed!! The meringue is burnt..wkwkwkwkwwk
I don’t take the picture of it because my sister is angry..hahaha

Finally we made "bread butter pudding" very simple. Only used egg, butter, milk, cream cheese, and vanilla. And put into the oven around 30 minutes.. voila…this is it…

voilaa bread butter pudding :)

Then, other preparation is decorating my living room with flower.. my sister did it.. voila…
my sis arranged the flower.
the cutee flowerrr

the dining table
Finally, we can finish it at 2 a.m.. #hooammmmmm
Let’s have a sleep tomorrow we’re gonna Sholat Eid..
Happy Lebaran 1432 H J
Assalamualaikum.. :)


Culinary @Japanese street cuisine

    2 days before Ied Mubaraok 1432 H. I and my sister looking for the interior for my house because, there'll be a family gathering when Ied's comes..
we're going to middle town of Tangerang during "ngabuburit":p
Thennnn, we saw a cute small restaurant "Ichirakuramen"  (really feels like in Japan). Finally we decided to have break fasting there :p


Many people comes here :p

Then, we choose to site near the cart. we ordered "Ebi Furai Don" which is shrimp with nori fried and filled with Donburo sauce..yumyy

Voila..here it is!!

its ME.. near the lamp :p

My sister with her bowl

 Next, after finish it. Next dish is "Tempura Don".

my sister again with her Tempura Don :p

Big giant tempura :)

 For your information Ichirakuramen give us discount 20% and additional 10% if us follow it on Twitter. while waiting for the food, I follow @IchirakuramenID and voila.. we got discount 30%..yippie :p
There are also another food like Ramen Noodle, Sushi, etc...
If you're Japanese street lover :p better try it :)


Wow..looking for interior in my Bed room

I'm getting bored for the decoration in my bed room.. so.. I searched in the internet for the reference..
and WOW.. i found some pictures and I  <3 it.. :)

                                                  look at this cute gorgeous bed room :))
                                 if I have a daughter *someday ,I want her to have this kind of bed room, :p

                                        WEW..apple tree canopy bed. this kind of bed room really rare..

                                             So lovable isn't it..the color, the flower, the bed.. like this :)

   I found it.. hime_gyaru pink bath room..*I think this kind of toilet is never wet, upss hehe..

Look at it.. simple, pink, and fresh.. This kind of bed room will make me never go out :p

Red Red really Red.. but this one looks like hotel bed rom isn't it?

Really teenager room.. for me?? hmm..I'll think it but this bed room so comfort :)

I love this kind of bed room.. So, after finding the good one..
I have to prepare the budget :p

Source : www.google.com
Purpose : Lookin' for bed room decoration
Writer : Rayneena